Tårnby Torv Festival is an attempt to maintain the connection between performance art and its most important players: the citizens right around the corner. In the festival cooperate artists from abroad, Danmark and citizens from Tårnby.

The festival is initiated by Tårnby inhabitant and performance artist Andreas Liebmann and takes place in, and around, a space on the 1st floor in Tårnby Torv Center.

The point of departure for the festival, is artistic director Andreas Liebmann’s research, investigating the role of performance art in relation to the public space. Historically, stage art has been a vital part of the democratic society. A place where people were confronted with relevant social and political issues. How do we keep theatre and performance relevant for the everyday people?

With national and international artists, citizens and institutions from the neighborhood around Tårnby Torv, the festival will emphasize the opportunities and importance of community and performance.