Tårnby Torv Festival Upbeat

Project V x The Mood Providers
Tårnby Torv Public Space
27th October 19-01

19.00-19.45 Space of consent – Interactive performance space with Ruth-Johanne Andersson, Emma Arnoldi, Laura Cruz, Manon Siv Duquesnay, Stine Franzen, Nanna Hanfgarn
19.45-20.15 All the Yeahs! Performance with Oriane Paras
20.15-20.30 Nice Guys Monologue Josaphina Vestergaard
20.30-21.00 Talk and debate with Amalie Langballe
21.00-01.00 Party

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Tårnby gets a visit – after E.T. from Steven Spielberg

Since October, a sweet creature with big eyes is visiting Tårnby and its citizens. It is looking like E.T., the extraterrestrial from Steven Spielberg’s well known movie. But there is also a bad guy from DIFO (Danish investigation of foreign objects) that is hunting him. On his quest he meets politicians and a priest from Tårnby. Who will make it?

Shootings entire october at diverse locations in Tårnby. Last shooting and premiere the 16th of November at Public Space Tårnby Torv.

With Boaz Barkan(GB/IS/US), Dorthea Boyi, Nicolai Dahl-Hamilton(DK), Andreas Liebmann(CH) and Tårnby citizens.





Philosophy for Kids

Tårnby Kommunebibliotek

15.-17. October 10-15 o’clock
17. October open showing 15.30-16.30 at Tårnby kommunebibliotek
A philosophy workshop for 10-13 year olds. The curious kids will learn to apply philosophical questions in a playful way with the means of theater, dance and visual arts. Based on Platon’s Cave Allegory, we will investigate questions about the nature of reality, fiction and illusion. Thinking is playing! Instead of drawing ourselves into brain nots, we create pictograms, sculptures and sceneries. The kids will learn about philosophy with creativity, self-expression and collaboration. Under the guidance of two theatre and dance artists, the kids will prepare a final presentation where they as experts, actors and dancers lead the audience through a playful world of caves, imagination and enlightenment.
Each participant receives a badge and a diploma at the end as proof of their commitment. The workshop takes place from 15-17 October at 10-15 pm at Tårnby Library, incl. lunch break where sandwiches and snacks are served. Presentation the 18th October at Tårnby Library and November 17th at Tårnby Torv
The workshop is given by Rudi Keiler Gómez de Mello (actor, director, philosopher and teacher) and Manon Siv Duquesnay (dancer, choreographer and teacher).
You can still sign up by writing taarnbytorvfestival@gmail.com / 60650056 or directly here:

A collaboration between Tårnby Torv Festival and Tårnby Library.


Framing the Freakazoid-Doing-by-Doing(DBD) – Vaginal Davis workshop
Public Space Tårnby Torv

25.-27. September 10-16 o’clock

Next to the dentist and the doctor at Tårnby Torv, you’ll meet Ms Vaginal Davis – legendary performance-punk-queer-icon. Prepare yourself for a rigorous and intense akshunist bootcamp/salon style workshop. Yes, yes and more yes this intimate exploration with gender/queer icon Vaginal Davis of Berlin/Los Angeles. Through various akshuns, film viewings, mini lecturinas, discussions and quirky exercises, the lure and lore of the freak will be harnessed for its outsider power and mined for rich territories of creativity. Get ready to rock the world of the freakazoid, from musicians Superfreak Rick James, Screaming Jay Hawkins, George Clinton, Josephine Baker, and Grace Jones to Trespass Cinema greats like John AesNihil of Aesthetic Nihilism Productions and one of the Baltimore Five, The Goddess Bunny (muse of Joel Peter Witkin, Marilyn Manson and late avante garde theater great Reza Abdul), NYC deity Kembra Pfahler of the art, music and film kollektiv Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black, the Future Feminists godmother of availabism and anti-naturalism, and Brian Lakso the Piano “Pjorn” King of Ohio and co-director of the gonzo electronic film classique Last Night I F*cked Your Mother.

It’s time you left pasty middleclassism and the Uncle Fishhooks of the world behind and were properly turned out.

Class will begin in an ungodly morning hour with an intro ritual, so dress comfortably in yoga style togs. This is an endurance bout so be prepared to werk it! No pre-requisites or performing experience required.


The workshop is part of the format CURRICULUM and supported by Statens Kunstfond and Goethe-Institut Dänemark in collaboration with Teater- og performancestudier.

First come first served by registrering on email to c.u.schmidt@hum.ku.dk. The workshop is for free, but a 500kr deposit will be required by signing up.

INEllipses 31.8+1.9 Tårnby
Hovering steps at Tårnby Torv Marked –
15 minutes dance performance followed by 40 minutes workshop.

In the middle of Tårnby Torv Marked the two dancers Manon Siv Duquesnay & Dasha Lavrennikov perform excerpts and transformations of traditional dances around the world : Brazil, Russia and Tårnby. The dance is followed by an invitation to the audience to meet at Public Space in Tårnby Torv 7 for an exchange.

From Brazil to Russia and now to Tårnby, with colorful rhythms, stormy encounters and hovering steps. “INEllipses” is a dance performance that emerges from the shared rituals and celebratory traditions of diverse communities and their residents. The dancers and choreographers Manon Siv Duquesnay and Dasha Lavrennikov have been working together since 2017, living in and travelling to various countries, from which they put together experiences and steps – from the streets to the studio and further into public spaces – . “INEllipses” explores an unstable state of being, finding ways to move on a groundless ground in the elliptical meeting between bodies, sound and architecture.

The performance will be shown at Tårnby Torv Marked, thereafter the audience of all ages is invited to a 40-minute workshop. There the movements, ideas and methods behind INEllipses are presented. Visitors of Tårnby Torv marked can show and tell about their own rituals and traditions. This collection of rituals from Tårnby will proceed in autumn, nourishing the performance, which will be presented as a longer and extended version at The Tårnby Torv Festival (14-18 November).

Place: Tårnby Torv
Date & time : 31.8 12.00 & 1.9 11.00
Age : All Ages

With: Manon Siv Duquesnay & Dasha Lavrennikov


Fuglehave 18.8 Tårnby Torv
Freedom tourists, Live-TV and Martial Arts

On 18th of August, the Public Space Tårnby Torv invites everybody to join the festivity of “Fuglehave” in Tårnby Torv: An unorthodox afternoon, art-garden-party including the most exciting discoveries in Tårnby. The afternoon will put forward surprise guests, small programs and snacks. Discovery Channel at its best! The fight is for free. As special guest will appear the local martial arts club Sor. Rachan muaythai

Klubben. They will share skills and culture bits of the Muaythai Tradition in the middle of Tårnby Torv.

Join the tragicomical TV show stars Mari&Marie from Pneuma Szöv, Budapest!
Join the lonely planet inspired Tårnby Tourist Duo Onur & Lukas!
Join Muaythai, Signum Sor. Rungroj and Alexander Jacobsen!

Time & Space Travellers from Budapest and Germany
“Fuglehave” transforms the shopping mall into a chill-out garden with a live TV studio. There will be the tragicomical TV show stars Mari&Marie from Budapest, who are time travellers from the year 1989 and search everywhere for potentials of freedom. The duo Onur & Lukas, will present some excerpts of a trip through Tårnby inspired by the lonely planet founders Maureen and Tony Wheeler: What surprises wait for you in Tårnby?

Discovering Tårnby
Both teams will be on the road in Tårnby for an entire week. Mari&Marie will spread their wings with a mobile low-tech transmission station of their new channel TV ⅔ and search for free movements around the Tårn and the By. Onur & Lukas will step into the role of travel writers and approach Tårnby as uncharted territory, waiting to be explored and written about.

Community and artists
“Fuglehave” is the starting point of a series of public art events happening this autumn in Tårnby around Tårnby Torv. The all are leading to the The Tårnby Torv Festival (14.-18. November). Mari & Marie are sent to Tarnby by the Budapest-based artist network Pneuma Szöv, who invent since 2008 new medias and platforms to create alternative forms of communities. Onur & Lukas are an artist duo based in Germany and Denmark who are working together since 2017 to make performances in public and private spaces. Both groups will develop their fndings of Fuglehave further till the festival in November.

With: Onur Agbaba, Karin Bergman, Csilla File, Sarah Günther, Csilla Hódi, Jon Andreas Hof, Andreas Liebmann, Lukas Racky Sor, Rachan muaythai Klubben, Luca Szabados, Dorte Wium