Julie Aaboe, Tårnby gets a visit  – after the movie E.T. of Steven Spielberg

Onur Agbaba, There is no place like … Born in 1990, is currently studying Applied Theater Studies at Justus-Liebig-University in Giessen, Germany. Since he graduated from high school he has worked as a production manager, assistant director, drama teacher, dancer and performer. During that time and since then, he also worked with different choreographers and artists like Heike Hennig and Mathilde Monnier, Eleanor Bauer and Marina Abramovic.

Emma Arnoldi, Project V. 22-year-old Copenhagen based photographer and writer. Born and raised on Bornholm. Emma Arnoldi has written for various magazines and been a regular music writer for VINK KBH for 1,5 years. Co-founder and organizer of the performative event “Project V”. Currently active as author and performer in award winning performance “From Water”.

Boaz K. Barkan, Tårnby gets a visit  – after the movie E.T. of Steven Spielberg Choreographer, Performer and Teacher. His focus is on movement and performance as media for artists, audiences and communities. BA in dance and psychology. Body Weather Laboratory. Feldenkrais. Earlier creations: 2018 Our Other Body, People’s All Out Choir. 2016-7 Æblestjerne, 2016 Dance for Maijuku, 2016 A World Above, 2015 May I speak about Dance.

Zsuzsa Berecz, Tårnby Torv Fuglehave, Duty-Free Zone – early evening show/ Pneuma Szöv. Dramaturge and versatile cultural worker based in Budapest. She has graduated from Hungarian and German studies in Budapest and studied experimental dramaturgy and theatre science in Frankfurt am Main and at Université Paris VIII. She is co-founder of the artists’ collective Pneuma Szöv. and the free school of art and micro-enonomies μEGYETEM.

Karin Bergman, The Mood Providers. Swedish dancer and choreographer based in Copenhagen. She got her diploma from The Danish National School of Performing Arts. Her ongoing work within the duo SESSIONs is being presented as temporary universes, a merge between parties and performances, for alternative social experiences.

Dorthea Boyi, Tårnby gets a visit  – after the movie E.T. of Steven Spielberg

Mario Brezzo, Tårnby gets a visit  – after the movie E.T. of Steven Spielberg

Luca Christiansen, Tårnby gets a visit  – after the movie E.T. of Steven Spielberg

Manon Siv Duquesnay, Philosophy for kids, Groundless Ground, Tårnby gets a visit  – after the movie E.T. of Steven Spielberg Danish-French dancer and performer graduated from DOCH, Stockholm 2015, has since then lived and worked in Argentina, Spain and Denmark. Manon’s focus is on the intercultural and artistic. She is a co-creator of the performative event Project V, of Collectif Insolite, where she performs in Touché and Xiuxiuejar, part of the artist duo DuquesnayLavrennikov and currently actual with her solo Ode to You.

Jonathan Engell, Tårnby gets a visit  – after the movie E.T. of Steven Spielberg

Meluka Børme Eriksen, Tårnby gets a visit  – after the movie E.T. of Steven Spielberg

Csilla File, Tårnby Torv Fuglehave, Duty-Free Zone/ Pneuma Szöv.

Hubert Eduard Franz, Tårnby får besøg.

Naya Frederiksen, Tårnby får besøg.

Ágnes Grélinger Groundless Ground, Duty-Free Zone – early evening show/ Pneuma Szöv. Ágnes is in the final year of her dance and choreography studies at Den Danske Scenekunstskole. She has a degree in economics from before but at the age of 28 she decided to jump out of the wheel to pursue dancing and moved to Copenhagen. She considers it the best decision ever. She’s excited about giving improvisation classes, the politics of dance and fertility awareness.

Sarah Günther, Tårnby Torv Fuglehave, Duty-Free Zone – early evening show/ Pneuma Szöv. Sarah is born in Dresden, 1983. She lives in Budapest and co-founded Pneuma Szöv., where she has mostly worked as an artistic director, researcher and performer ever since. Her trans-disciplinary practice builds up on a Diploma in Applied Theatre Studies (Gießen, 2011) and Studies of Romanistik, Sociology and Psychology (Heidelberg). She has collaborated as a performance artist in various contexts such as Gießen group Mobile Albania, Berlin collective andcompany&Co. Besides she works as a journalist, writer, translator, free pedagogue in institutions and free contexts and as a performer in the all-female show “Queendom” and dealing with questions of freedom as part of the multimedia duo Marie&Mari.

Nicolai Dahl Hamilton, Tårnby gets a visit  – after the movie E.T. of Steven Spielberg. In the musical “Midt om Natten” and on screen/network “A Fortunate Man”, “The Hunt”, “Badehotellet”, “Follow the Money” “The Bridge” and “The Rain”. Besides that Nicolai works on stage as freelance actor in Copenhagen. Nicolai graduated The Danish School of Performing Arts in 2002, and was for several years member of the ensemble of The Royal Theater in Copenhagen. Got a Reumert-statuette for his work on stage in 2009 and in 2014 honored with “The Order of the Dannebrog” for his artistic work at The Royal Theater.

Wouter Hillaert, What’s necessary today. Belgian cultural journalist. For 15 years he has been working as a freelance theatre critic for the Flemish daily newspapers De Morgen and De Standaard. In 2003 he co-founded the free cultural magazine rekto:verso on arts and society (www.rektoverso.be) of which he is still one of the coordinators. His main topics are theatre, cultural policy and community arts. In 2014 he initiated the Flemish civil movement Hart boven Hard, and is still its spokesperson.

Csilla Hódi, Tårnby Torv Fuglehave, Duty-Free Zone – early evening show/ Pneuma Szöv. Csilla Hodi is an artist and educator working with humans and mushrooms. She studied visual arts at MOME, Budapest. Worked in contemporary art formations and self-organized community projects. She is the founder of Begging Yoga Movement. Her research fields are radical kindness, post-human consciousness and body-mind technologies.

Jon Andreas Hoff, The same old fear, Tårnby gets a visit  – after the movie E.T. of Steven Spielberg. Jon is a Danish artist working with dance and choreography through a fascination of movement, music and movies. He has a background in hip-hop dancing and encountered contemporary dance after studying and working with teacher Sara Gaardbo. He is schooled in Germany at Folkwang University of Arts and later found his way to the Danish national school of performing arts, where he is currently finishing his fourth and final year. Jon has been part of the production crew for the film “Tårnby får besøg” and is presenting his solo “The Same Old Fear” at the festival.

Lea Jensen, Filosofi for børn.

Paw Karslund, Tårnby gets a visit  – after the movie E.T. of Steven Spielberg 45 years old and has lived in Tårnby his whole life. He is the father of two kids of 11 and 14 years. He is educated as a shipbuilder at B&W. Now working as a porter for the flight company SAS. He is 2. vice mayor of Tårnby. Member of the municipal board since 2005.  DF candidate for parliament and the capital region.

Sophia Koyuncu, Filosofi for børn

Dorit Kristensen, Filosofi for børn

Dasha Lavrennikov, Groundless Ground. Born in Russia, dancer, performer, choreographer, and artist-researcher. She has been teaching, performing, creating and lecturing between Europe, Latin and North America. She holds a BA in dance from the US, a Masters in Performing arts (Denmark, France), and PhD in Communications and Culture (RJ, Brazil). 2013-217 she has been living in Rio de Janeiro, working as an artist in residency at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Niteroi (MAC), and currently collaborating internationally with dancer & performer Manon Duquesnay.

Andreas Liebmann, artistic director of Tårnby Torv Festival, Tårnby gets a visit  – after the movie E.T. of Steven Spielberg. Andreas studied at the drama school in Zurich (now ZHDK). After years of work as an ensemble actor, he established the performance group GASTSTUBE °, which developed experimental performances, installations, walks, etc. Since 2007, Liebmann has developed his own formats and working methods as a director, performer and author. His way of working is inspired and influenced by science, everyday conversations, anthropology and politics. The formal expression depends on the content and context. He has taught at the Universities of the Arts Zürich, Berlin and Leipzig and since 2015 teaches concept-based and conceptual directing at the Danish National School of Performing Arts in Copenhagen.

Mikisoq Lynge, Tårnby gets a visit  – after the movie E.T. of Steven Spielberg

June Lysjø, The Mood Providers. Norwegian dancer and choreographer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She is educated from «The Danish National School of Performing Arts» and «Institut del Teatre». She did her internship working with «Rosas» in Brussels and has participated in works by Rebecka Hilton, Ursula Robb, Juan Dominguez, Retina Dance Company. After graduating June has focused on doing her own work, establishing the multidisciplinary duo «SESSIONs» with Karin Bergman.

Lilla Magyari, Tårnby Torv Fuglehave, Duty-Free Zone – early evening show/ Pneuma Szöv. Has studied psychology, literature, theater-direction and neuroscience in Hungary (Budapest) and in the Netherlands (Nijmegen and Amsterdam). As a consequence of her broad interest, she has many identities, she has a phd in social sciences and works as cognitive scientist at the ELTE University in Budapest researching language and communication. She is also a performance-artist and has been a member of Pneuma Szöv since 2016. She is also known as the self-proclaimed superstar, Dr. Purple.

Carmen Mahattey, Filosofi med børn.

Rudi Keiler Gómez de Mello, Filosofi for børn. Born 1981 in Havana, Cuba and raised in Berlin, Germany. He studied philosophy, history of arts and comparativism at the Technical University Berlin. He has been working as a freelance director, actor and a drama teacher (Theater an der Parkaue, Haus der Berliner Festspiele) and is executing also various cultural projects like “(DENKEN – denken) – Philosophieren mit Kindern”.

Maralinne Monde,Tårnby gets a visit  – after the movie E.T. of Steven Spielberg

Godfrey Calvin Pamba, Tårnby gets a visit  – after the movie E.T. of Steven Spielberg

Oriane Paras, Tårnby Spiser, Groundless Ground. French Dancer and Choreographer graduated from DDSKS in June 2017. Oriane is  based in Copenhagen, works also internationally in Europe and South America, with artists as Liz Kinoshita, Sebastian Lingserius, Nefeli Oikonomou, Areli Moran, Luis Malvacias or Willi Dorner. She keeps developing her artistic desires and practices, looking for different ways to interact and integrate the audience, challenging physicality, space, improvisation and relationship. Currently performing the solo piece “All the Yeahs!” she choreographed and interpret.

Fred Pommerehn, Filosofi for børn. Born in Madison Indiana, USA in 1964. He studied at the North Carolina School of the Arts from 1982 to 1986; graduating as a scholarship student with honors and the degree: Bachelor of Fine Arts. In 1987 he moved to Berlin where he is still living. From 1987-1990 he worked as an assistant at the Schiller Theater, Berlin. Since 1990 he has been working as a freelance artist and designer creating installations and scenic installations, sets, lights and costumes for theaters, festivals, events, dance theater, music productions and projects in cultural education. He has worked extensively throughout Europe and occasionally his work has taken him as far as Asia and North America. He has collaborated with artists from all over Europe, designing and directing installation-performance-events.

Nadia Porst, Tårnby gets a visit  – after the movie E.T. of Steven Spielberg

Sara Porst, Tårnby gets a visit  – after the movie E.T. of Steven Spielberg

Ali Qais, Tårnby gets a visit  – after the movie E.T. of Steven Spielberg

Lukas Racky, Tårnby gets a visit  – after the movie E.T. of Steven Spielberg There is no place like …, The Mood Providers. from Germany, studied “dance & choreography” at The Danish National School for Performing Arts, lives and works in Copenhagen. He started practicing acrobatics and parkour as a teenager and later got into dance. Lukas is curious about many kinds of performative situations. Recently, he worked as a performer for Marina Abramovic and in theatre pieces of the artist-duo CoreAct and of director Camille Langdal.

Asger Nordbæk Rasmussen, Tårnby gets a visit  – after the movie E.T. of Steven Spielberg

Tayseer Salah, Tårnby gets a visit  – after the movie E.T. of Steven Spielberg. 29 years. From Irak /Baghdad. Lives alone in Denmark/Dragør. He has been in Denmark for 3 years. He has been a nurse and has a degree in psykologi.

Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt, Tårnby spiser. Danish performance artist and curator, as well as PhD student at the University of Copenhagen. Her work is centered on political issues confronted in experimental aesthetic formats. Cecilie lives in Tårnby.

Julia Schreiner, Filosofi for børn. Production dramaturg, curator and producer for theatre, young-audience and music-theatre productions. She has collaborated with various artists – at theaters such as: Deutsche Oper Berlin, Theaterhaus Gessnerallee Zürich, HAU, Theater Kiel, Sophiensaele or Ballhaus Naunynstraße. Julia also develops projects on her own initiative such as “Die Bohème am Kottbusser Tor” (2007). In 2012 she was co-directing with Andreas Deinert and Katharina Semb her project “Der schöne Tod” at the Arctic Opera in Norway. 2011-14 permanent at the Theater an der Parkaue Berlin, 2014-16 at HAU Hebbel am Ufer. In 2017 her documentary-film FILOU was premiered. Currently she’s working for the ENSEMBLE at jtw-spandau in Berlin as production dramaturg and curator, latest: the international theatre and performance-festival VERLORENE ILLUSIONEN.

Lindon Shimizu, Groundless Ground. Born in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Actor, dancer, performer, teacher, he has been between Brazilian and Japanese culture in his entire life. He has a licence degree in Theatre from UERGS – Rio Grande do Sul State University. In 2015 he moved to Finland to study at the institution ISLO in the course “Education in Dance and Somatics”, he became a teacher assistant and substitute teacher in the same course. He has background in japanese martial arts, cinema, actor physical training, contemporary dance and BMC® Body-Mind Centering. In pedagogical and artistic field, as a live/video artist and a somatic movement educator, currently interested in the dialogue of an ethical-aesthetical-political-body, as a strategy of being and creating, playing between private and public, adding his experience in videos in its practice.

Peyman Sichani, Groundless Ground. Performing artist, teacher and choreographer. He studied Information Communication Technology(ICT) in Iran, meanwhile training different forms of dance (Hip Hop, Break Dance, Classical ballet, Modern Dance, Contemporary Dance, Traditional Persian Dance) from dance videos (dancing is forbidden by the Iranian Islamic regime). He learnt Iranian Traditional music and singing since he was fifteen. In 2010, he moved to Budapest, Hungary and in 2012 he was accepted to Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy, with an Erasmus stipendie in 2015 at DDSKS Copenhagen. In 2016 he joined Song of the Goat Theatre in Poland and since 2018 he’s back in Copenhagen now performing in Groundless Ground.

Adrian Skjoldborg, Groundless Ground. Born in 1989, and graduated from Rambert School in 2012. Have since then worked different places in Scandinavien, and primarily in Singapore as a dancer for Frontier Danceland (from 2014-2017). Have also been teaching different forms for dance, primarily Flying low, and have been creating pieces at the sideline.

Selma Steenberg, Filosofi med børn.

Luca Szabados, Tårnby Torv Fuglehave, Duty-Free Zone – early evening show/ Pneuma Szöv. With a diploma in scenography (Hungarian University of Fine Arts, 2011), Luca is a costume and set designer, working mostly with independent theater and performance groups in Budapest. Member of Pneuma Szöv. since 2008. She works also as graphic designer with theatres and NGOs. Co-founder of a tiny brand named ludoshka, designing and creating toys for babies and kids.

PNEUMA SZÖV, Tårnby Torv Fuglehave, Duty-Free Zone – early evening show
with Csilla File, Sarah Günther, Csilla Hódi, Lilla Magyari, Luca Szabados, Zsuzsa Berecz. Pneuma Szöv. is an artists co-op. working mainly in Budapest since 2008, with collaborations and temporary exiles in Germany and around. They launch processes which trouble the regimes of our daily lives and re-enchanting what seems to be obvious and unchangeable. With their 3D radio performances, airfactories, wandering Street TV-Channels or a Giant squirrel mayor candidate (Mókus Maxi) they evoke and play with a new kind of public sphere using eclectic media. Their postdramatic performances and artworks meld artistic research, social philosophy and urban studies with various forms of visual art, community and public art, free pedagogy concepts, activism and low-threshold social therapy.

Sofia Borgbjerg Unnerholm, Tårnby får besøg

Dorte Wium, Production manager.