Wednesday 14th November:

19.00 Welcome Tårnby Torv Architectural blessing with Andreas Liebmann(CH), followed by snacks, drinks and smalltalk. Tårnby Torv is a building with a deadline. It will be torn down and reconstructed. The spirit of Tårnby Torv will be evoked to bless this mortal building and all its users to guarantee a fine future.

20.00 Groundless Ground group performance with Manon Siv Duquesnay(FR/DK), Agnes Grelinger(HU), Dasha Lavrennikov(RU), Oriane Paras(FR), Peyman Sichani(IR), Lindon Shimizu(BR/JP), Adrian Skjoldborg(DK) and locals. Groundless Ground is a dance work that collects celebratory rituals and traditions from Brazil to Tårnby. In personal encounters the artists got presents from people they met along their journeys: Movements, words and rhythms that reclaim a sense of self and community in a migratory reality.

21.00 The same old fear solo performance by Jon Hoff(DK). A physical remix on courage, contradiction and coming of age.


Thursday 15th November:

12.00-17.00 There is no place like… performance walk (duration 1h) with Onur Agbaba(D) and Lukas Racky(D). There is no place like… is a participative audio walk where you are invited (one by one) to go on a journey in Tårnby. We will bring you to an unknown place, where you will explore the surroundings and experience being a tourist in Tårnby
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19.00 What’s necessary today keynote from Wouter Hillaert(BE), founder of Heart boven Hard,  followed by discussion. Guests Rudi Keiler Goméz de Mello and others. Debate about the cooperation between the fields of art, politics, unions and NGOS.

21.00 After talk and drink at Oksens Bodega


Friday 16th November:

12.00-17.00 There is no place like… performance walk (duration 1h) with Onur Agbaba(D) and Lukas Racky(D)
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19.00 Tårnby gets a visit – after E.T. from Steven Spielberg WORLD PREMIERE and staging of the last scene with Boaz Barkan(GB/IS/US), Dorthea Boyi, Nicolai Dahl-Hamilton(DK), Andreas Liebmann(CH) and Tårnby citizens. Since October, a sweet creature with big eyes is visiting Tårnby and its citizens. It is looking like E.T., the extraterrestrial from Steven Spielberg’s well known movie. But there is also a bad guy from DIFO (Danish investigation of foreign objects) that is hunting him. On his quest he meets politicians and a priest from Tårnby. Who will make it? See the movie and be part of its last scene!


Saturday 17th November:

10.00-17.00 There is no place like… performance walk (duration 1h) with Onur Agbaba(D) and Lukas Racky(D)
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10.00 We are the future panel with local teenagers about culture in Tårnby. Teenagers from Tarnby discuss their thoughts about art, life and the future. What dreams do they share? On what thoughts do they differ? A friendly panel about differing visions with the common at stake.

11.00 Virak Revy workshop for kids and families (6-99 years) by In the hours up to the cabaret we try out and select tunes for the actual revue together with the residents of Tårnby. Everyone who wants to try some fun and different ways to create art is welcome.

13.00 Virak Revy performance for kids and families (6-99 years) by Virak Revyen is an entertainment program consisting of music, dance, action and speech. All songs are written by well-known artists such as Yoko Ono, Marcel Duchamp and Danish Eric Andersen.

14.15 Philosophy for Kids theatre installation with children from Tårnby (from 9 years and up), Manon Siv Duquesnay(FR/DK) & Julia Schreiner(D). Thinking is playing! Based on Plato’s Cave Allegory, Tårnby Kids have been developing small performances about the nature of ideas and consciousness in Tårnby library in October. Enjoy an uplifting experience of thinking with shadowplay, plastic animals and a dance piece around shoe boxes.


19.00 Duty free zone early evening show + party start by Pneuma Szöv(HU). ft. Marie & Mari, Dr. Purple and local guests. Where birds and planes meet, between Amager Fælled and Kastrup Airport, Mari & Marie look for freedom and flights. Mari & Marie started their entertainment program in the streets of Budapest, checking out what the future could look like. As time travellers they bounce between the past and the coming, always stumbling over the potentials of 1989. Is freedom outdated?

21.00-1.00 The Mood Providers party with Karin Bergman(SE), June Lysjø(NOR), Lukas RackyD), locals, neighbours and international guests. The Mood Providers are once again inviting neighbours and travelers from the distance far far away. A party is ahead of us, and as usual there will be deep tunes and tasty drinks to accompany the dancing. Lets celebrate together, once again.


Sunday 18th November:

13.00-16.00 Tårnby Spiser is lunch for families and neighbours. Your family and you are invited to join us for a lunch this Saturday hosted by our neighbours from Multikulturel Kvindeklub Amager. Just bring your own plates and cutleries and you will be welcomed in Tårnby with food and comfort. Please confirm your participation and how many participants latest Friday 16th of November to